Table 1.

Physician characteristics and perceptions of patient preferences and barriers (n = 1,266)

CharacteristicUnweighted nWeighted %
Physician specialty
 Family medicine/general practice54745.2
 General internal medicine41536.9
 Non-Hispanic white92572.1
 Non-Hispanic black463.9
Board certified
International medical school graduate
Affiliation with medical school
Influence of patient preferences on recommendations
 None NA/missing264 2019.8 1.4
Frequency patients request to have MD decide which test they should have?
Frequency patients do not want to discuss screening
Frequency patients have difficulty understanding CRC information
Frequency that patients' lack of adherence to complete CRC screening tests is a barrier
  • aAmerican Indian/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander, multiple races, other race, and unknown.