Table 2.

HRs and 95% CIs of cancer associated with depression in Cox's regression analysis in different cancer

VariableCaseMultivariate model,a HR (95% CI)
All cancers2,8921.03 (0.91–1.15)
Hematologic malignancyb1301.10 (0.64–1.87)
Colorectal cancer4080.77 (0.55–1.10)
Lung cancer3631.01 (0.65–1.58)
Breast cancer (women only)3251.09 (0.78–1.53)
Uterus, cervical, ovary, and vaginal cancer (women only)2081.16 (0.84–1.60)
Prostate cancer (men only)1231.33 (0.79–2.23)
Brain cancer351.44 (0.55–3.76)
  • aAdjusted for age, sex, urbanization, and comorbidity.

  • bICD-9-CM: hematologic malignancy, 200.xx–203.xx and 205.xx–208.xx; colorectal cancer, 153.xx and 154.xx; lung cancer, 162.xx; breast cancer, 174.xx and 175.xx; uterus, cervical, ovary, and vaginal cancer, 179.xx–184.xx; prostate cancer, 185.xx; brain cancer, 179.xx and 180.xx–184.xx.