Table 2.

Age-adjusted means and percentages of select baseline characteristics according to BMI category in the aggregate data set of the five cohorts

 BMI, kg/m2
Men (no. participants)2,101125,239214,69792,916
BMI, kg/m217.423.227.233.2
Baseline age61.359.860.159.6
Education (% beyond high school)
Smoking status
Alcohol intake (% nondrinker)27.321.620.723.6
Marital status (% married)76.382.486.184.9
Race (% white)89.191.692.892.5
Women (no. participants)7,644206,578121,95077,807
BMI, kg/m217.722.327.234.4
Baseline age51.154.258.759.0
Education (% beyond high school)69.167.561.960.0
Smoking status
Alcohol intake (% non-drinker)31.727.131.037.3
Marital status (% married)56.163.663.557.6
Race (% white)91.092.890.287.6