Table 5.

Postdiagnosis vitamin supplement use in association with total mortality and breast cancer recurrence by tumor characteristics and tamoxifen use, SBCSS (N = 4,877)

Total mortalityBreast cancer recurrence
Vitamin useCohortNo. of EventsHRa (95% CI)No. of EventsHRa (95% CI)
ER+/PR+ (n = 2,439)
Never postdiagnosis1,551981.00 (referent)1231.00 (referent)
Any type postdiagnosis888530.98 (0.69–1.38)660.95 (0.70–1.29)
Any antioxidant postdiagnosisb683370.91 (0.61–1.34)490.93 (0.66–1.31)
ER/PR (n = 1,350)
Never postdiagnosis8431231.00 (referent)1421.00 (referent)
Any type postdiagnosis507620.84 (0.61–1.16)710.78 (0.58–1.05)
Any antioxidant postdiagnosisb394450.77 (0.54–1.11)510.71 (0.51–0.99)
Stage I or II (n = 4,162)
Never postdiagnosis2,6381851.00 (referent)2311.00 (referent)
Any type postdiagnosis1,524950.86 (0.67–1.10)1160.82 (0.65–1.03)
Any antioxidant postdiagnosisb1,180670.79 (0.59–1.05)830.76 (0.59–0.98)
Stage III or IV (n = 492)
Never postdiagnosis322991.00 (referent)1131.00 (referent)
Any type postdiagnosis170480.87 (0.60–1.27)560.80 (0.57–1.14)
Any antioxidant postdiagnosisb134370.84 (0.56–1.25)440.75 (0.51–1.09)
Used tamoxifen (n = 2,523)
Never postdiagnosis1,5721251.00 (referent)1531.00 (referent)
Any type postdiagnosis951680.90 (0.66–1.22)790.77 (0.58–1.02)
Any antioxidant postdiagnosisb730510.89 (0.64–1.25)610.77 (0.57–1.05)
Did not use tamoxifen (n = 2,354)
Never postdiagnosis1,5291721.00 (referent)2041.00 (referent)
Any type postdiagnosis825790.89 (0.68–1.18)960.89 (0.69–1.15)
Any antioxidant postdiagnosisb650560.78 (0.57–1.06)680.77 (0.58–1.03)
  • aHRs are adjusted for ER/PR status, TNM stage, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, tamoxifen use, education, income, BMI, regular tea consumption, regular exercise participation (MET-hours per week), daily cruciferous vegetable intake, daily soy protein intake, and other type of vitamin use (as appropriate). Adjusted HRs and their corresponding 95% CIs were derived from Cox proportional hazards regression models, using age as the time scale.

  • bIncludes women who used vitamin C, vitamin E, and/or multivitamins.