Table 3.

Descriptive characteristics by metformin, nonmetformin, other antidiabetic medications, and no antidiabetic medications (N = 4,323)

CharacteristicMetformina (n = 1,250)Nonmetforminb (n = 3,073)Other antidiabetic medications onlyc (n = 2,197)Diet and exercise onlyd (n = 876)
Age at index date, y
 North Jutland510411,305429704433528
Year of birth
 Before 19201038.2641214522118922
Age at first birth, y
 1 child22018660214922216819
 2 children34327759255112324828
 3 children25420421142931312815
 ≥4 children156122488.11868.5627.1
Postmenopausal hormone therapy32826701235162418521
Polycystic ovarian syndrome040.221002100
Diabetes complications601481,375451,1465222926
Clinical obesity33827340112191012114
Time since diabetes diagnosis, y
  • aMetformin users were defined as women who were prescribed metformin for a minimum of 1-year duration and include women who used metformin and switched to other medications as long as they used metformin for at least 1 year.

  • bNonmetformin users were defined as women who were not prescribed antidiabetic medications, women who were prescribed other antidiabetic medications, and women who did not use metformin for at least 1-year duration.

  • cWomen who were prescribed other antidiabetic medications for a minimum of 1-year duration.

  • dWomen treated with diet and exercise only (no prescriptions for antidiabetic medications).