Table 2.

Distribution of descriptive characteristics by case and control subjects (N = 4,323)

CharacteristicCases (n = 393)Controls (n = 3,930)
Age at index date, y
 North Jutland165421,65042
Year of birth
 Before 1920772066717
Age at first birth, y
 1 child822179820
 2 children95241,00726
 3 children581561716
 ≥4 children307.63749.5
Postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy922393724
Polycystic ovarian syndrome0-40.1
Diabetes complications182461,79446
Time since diabetes diagnosis, y
Clinical obesity501362816
Antidiabetic medication
 Metformin usersb96241,15429
 Nonmetformin usersb297762,77671
  • aMetformin users were defined as women who were prescribed metformin for a minimum of 1-year duration and include women who used metformin and switched to other medications as long as they used metformin for at least 1 year.

  • bNonmetformin users were defined as women not prescribed antidiabetic medications, women who were prescribed other antidiabetic medications, and women who did not use metformin for at least 1-year duration.