Table 3.

ORs and 95% CIs of association of HPV DNA, any type, and/or antibodies against HPV16 and/or HPV18 with HSV-2 seropositivity and cytologic results (IARC HPV Prevalence Surveys)

HSV-2-seropositive vs-seronegativeCytology abnormal vs normal
HPVnHSV-2 posOR (95% CI)nAbnOR (95% CI)
DNA−/antibody+9444561.7 (1.4–2.0)972381.1 (0.8–1.6)
DNA+/antibody−4492322.2 (1.8–2.7)466795.8 (4.3–7.9)
DNA+/antibody+2461572.9 (2.2–3.8)249526.9 (4.7–10.0)

NOTE: ORs were adjusted for age, study area, and lifetime number of sexual partners. DNA positivity refers to any type of HPV; antibody positivity refers to HPV16 and/or HPV18.