Table 1.

Characteristics of serum proteins identified from SY-supplemented and placebo individuals following two-dimensional DIGE and LC/MS/MS analysis

Spot no.Identified proteinAccession no*Supplemented/placebo (fold change)PMass (Daltons)pIPeptide hits (unique)§
538Complement component 4B proprotein4502501+1.510.0036192,6786.0012(12)
727Isocitrate dehydrogenase5031777+1.400.02639,5676.001(1)
1,102Clusterin isoform 142716297+1.510.02157,7976.004(4)
1,138Keratin 117318569+2.120.02566,0288.331(1)
671Angiotensin precursor4557287−1.440.04553,1226.002(2)
1,294Albumin precursor4502027−1.500.007269,3226.002(2)

NOTE: The proteomic analysis was done on serum of subjects supplemented with SY or placebo for 9 mo.

  • *National Center for Biotechnology Information.

  • Fold change (e.g., +2.00 implies a doubling of the protein in the SY vs. placebo group, and a −1.66 means 66% lower protein in the SY vs. placebo group).

  • Isoelectric point.

  • §Number of peptides that uniquely match the protein identified by mass spec analysis.