Table 3.

Clinical and radiologic changes at the time of the penultimate serum sample before MM diagnosis

Mesothelin status*No.No. of cases with new symptoms
Weight lossBreathlessnessPainCombined clinical symptomsRadiologic changeCombined clinical and radiologic symptoms
Elevated171 (1)4 (2)6 (3)9 (6)5 (6)11 (10)
Normal895 (5)ns11 (13) ns13 (16)*30 (33) ns35 (34) ns49 (50)ns
  • *The prediagnosis group was divided into two, depending on whether the mesothelin concentration in the penultimate sample was elevated or within the reference range.

  • Results are number of cases observed. The expected number of cases are shown in parentheses. Significance determined by the χ2 test. (*, P < 0.05).