Table 4.

Mean values and SDs for total sun protection behavior and motivational factors for sun protection, and correlations between the variables (all scales have a range from 0-4)

1 Total use of recommended sun protection1.480.790.20*0.16*0.18*0.32*0.16*−0.37*−0.56*−0.47*−0.40*0.52*
2 Perceived vulnerability2.100.830.21*0.47*0.14*0.00−0.07*−0.05*−0.02−0.07*0.07*
3 Perceived severity3.220.610.34*0.26*0.10*−0.08*−0.08*−0.06*−0.11*0.06*
4 Worry about developing a melanoma2.850.720.24*0.040.03−0.03−0.01−0.020.07*
5 Benefits of protection behavior2.950.590.29*−0.15*−0.21*−0.19*−0.14*0.18*
6 Perceived self-efficacy to protect2.351.10−0.06*−0.20*−0.20*−0.12*0.15*
7 Attitude toward suntans2.490.670.31*0.24*0.34*−0.23*
8 Barriers to sun protection1.800.550.93*0.62*−0.83*
    a. Perceiving use of sun protection as inconvenient1.720.590.42*−0.68*
    b. Perceiving sun protection as problematic as it reduces the possibility to develop a suntan1.690.94−0.35*
    c. Having sun protection as a part of one's daily routine2.010.62