Table 3.

Significant association of matriptase and HAI-1 protein expression with clinical variables

Clinical variableProtein expressionP*OR (95% CI)
No. of negative/lowNo. of Moderate/high (Ref.)
Tumor size0.002*
    T2, T3, T484880.0012.104 (1.340-3.303)
Tumor stage0.019*
    II, III961160.0161.789 (1.114-2.875)
Estrogen receptor status0.001*
    Positive1141340.0012.642 (1.488-4.691)
    Medullary and other1541Ref.
    Ductal871250.0530.526 (0.274-1.009)
    Lobular31300.0092.824 (1.300-6.135)
Tumor stage0.008*
    II, III1061060.0061.925 (1.206-3.072)
Tumor size0.00002*
    T2, T3, T495760.0000262.623 (1.673-4.112)
Tumor grade0.022*
    III55450.0082.270 (1.239-4.158)
    Medullary and other1837Ref.
    Lobular34270.0142.588 (1.215-5.516)

NOTE: Ref., reference category in the logistic regression analysis.

Abbreviation: NS, not significant.

  • *P value for overall comparison from χ2 test for difference in frequencies. Other P values from logistic regression analysis.

  • OR and 95% CI values for association with negative or low matriptase and HAI-1 expression from logistic regression analysis.