Table 1.

Parameters significantly associated with breast cancer survival in the multivariate analysis

VariableB (SE)WaldRR (95% CI)P
Nodal status
    Positive1.079 (0.228)22.4722.943 (1.883-4.598)0.0000021
rs704624 genotype
    AG&GG0.798 (0.242)10.8742.221 (1.382-3.568)0.001
    II1.022 (0.330)9.5572.778 (1.453-5.309)0.002
    III0.807 (0.371)4.7242.242 (1.083-4.642)0.030
HER2 status
    Positive0.592 (0.280)4.4781.807 (1.045-3.126)0.034
    Medullary and otherRef.
    Ductal0.073 (0.315)0.0541.076 (0.580-1.995)0.816
    Lobular0.763 (0.355)4.6152.145 (1.069-4.303)0.032

NOTE: Tumor grade, histologic type, tumor size, nodal status, estrogen receptor status, HER2 status, rs704624 genotype, rs7123119 genotype, and rs610005 genotype were included in the analyses.

Abbreviation: B (SE), B coefficient with standard error.