Table 1.

Outcome of recruitment of cases and controls (Skin Health Study)

n (%)n (%)
Total from cancer registry (cases) or from drivers license list (controls)2,026 (100.0)3,095 (100.0)
Unable to determine eligibility
Total557 (27.5)1,354 (43.7)
    No phone available164598
    Not reached by phone71273
    Subject refused79468
    Physician refusal124
    Nonparticipating institution93
Respondent not eligible
Total89 (4.4)151 (4.9)
    Prior melanoma7614
    Noncutaneous melanoma2
    Not melanoma1
    Not residing in Minnesota063
Respondents screened and eligible
Total1,380 (68.1)1,590 (51.4)
    Did not return self-administered questionnaire186 (13.5)447 (28.1)
        Did not return128269
    Did not complete telephone interview27 (1.9)42 (2.7)
        Not reached1726
    Completed self-administered questionnaire and telephone interview1,167 (84.6)1,101 (69.2)