Table 2.

Multivariate HR and 95% CI according to quintile of meat or fruit and vegetable intake and glioma risk

Meat or fruit and vegetable intakeQuintile of intakeP for trendP for sex interaction
Processed meat
    Median intake*
    No. of cases99133125106122
    Multivariate HR1.
    95% CI(Reference)0.97–1.640.88–1.490.71–1.240.80–1.37
Red meat
    Median intake*0.310.660.971.331.94
    No. of cases114117131113110
    Multivariate HR1.000.981.060.890.850.150.21
    95% CI(Reference)0.76–1.270.82–1.370.68–1.160.65–1.11
Fruit and vegetables
    Median intake1.121.692.172.753.81
    No. of cases98108132122125
    Multivariate HR1.001.091.361.301.420.00810.46
    95% CI(Reference)0.83–1.441.05–1.770.99–1.711.08–1.86
    Median intake0.300.671.011.442.26
    No. of cases108105127126119
    Multivariate HR1.000.961.
    95% CI(Reference)0.73–1.260.90–1.520.91–1.530.89–1.52
    Whole fruit
        Median intake0.140.360.600.911.52
        No. of cases108104111127135
        Multivariate HR1.000.951.031.211.340.00370.025
        95% CI(Reference)0.73–1.250.79–1.350.93–1.571.04–1.75
        Whole fruit (males)
            No. of cases7974858992
            Multivariate HR1.000.971.191.391.70<0.0001
            95% CI(Reference)0.71–1.330.87–1.621.02–1.881.25–2.31
        Whole fruit (females)
            No. of cases2930263843
            Multivariate HR1.000.870.650.800.750.39
            95% CI(Reference)0.52–1.460.38–1.100.49–1.300.47–1.21
Fruit juices
    Median intake0.020.110.300.521.01
    No. of cases118107124125111
    Multivariate HR1.000.901.031.020.940.900.98
    95% CI(Reference)0.69–1.170.80–1.320.80–1.320.72–1.22
    Median intake0.550.821.061.341.92
    No. of cases104112118139112
    Multivariate HR1.
    95% CI(Reference)0.81–1.390.87–1.481.06–1.770.89–1.53
  • *MPED ounce equivalents/1,000 kcal/d.

  • Adjusted for sex, age (continuous), race (non-Hispanic white, non-Hispanic black, other, and missing), energy intake (continuous), education (<high school, high school graduate, post–high school other than college, some college, college graduate, postgraduate, and missing), height (eight prespecified categories and missing), and history of cancer at baseline (yes, no, and missing).

  • MPED cup equivalents/1,000 kcal/d.