Table 1.

Included studies on the risk of subsequent cancers in individuals with a personal history of NMSC compared with those with no prior history of NMSC

First authorYearLocationStudy typeStudy yearsNo. of NMSC casesNo. of subsequent cancersMean follow up for cases (y)Adjustments
Bower2000United KingdomRegistry based (South and West)1981-199513,9617898.45Cancer site, age
Cantwell2009IrelandRegistry based (Northern Ireland)1993-200220,8431,377Not reportedAge, 5-y period, sex
Chen2008MarylandCohort with individual-level data (CLUE II)1989-20057691818.02Age, sex, BMI, smoking, education
Crocetti2001ItalyRegistry based1976-1995198,3036,9742.57Cancer site, age, sex, registry, 5-y period
de Vries2007The NetherlandsRegistry-based (Eindhoven)1972-200212,078253 (prostate)5.0 SCC, 5.6 BCCAge, 5-y period
Efird2002CaliforniaCohort with individual-level data (Kaiser Permanente)1974-19958221447.80Education, BMI (alcohol, smoking, occupational exposure, marital status did not change model)
Friedman2000CaliforniaCohort with individual-level data (Kaiser Permanente)1974-19973,16455611.30Matched on sex, zip code, skin color, age ± 2, date joined. Multivariate: age at diagnosis, parent history cancer, marital status, education, smoking, alcohol, occupational exposure, BMI, parity, age at menarche, and menopause
Frisch1995DenmarkRegistry based1978-19895,1328154.47Cancer site, age, sex
Frisch1996DenmarkRegistry based1978-199137,6743,6635.07Cancer site, age, sex, calendar period
Hemminki2000SwedenRegistry based (Sweden)1958-199617,6733,624Not reportedAge, sex, calendar period
Hemminki2001SwedenRegistry based (Sweden)1958-199617,280192 (human papillomavirus-related cancers)Not reportedAge, sex, calendar period
Hemminki2003SwedenRegistry based (Sweden)1958-1998Not reported120 (non–Hodgkin)Not reportedAge, sex, calendar period
Jaeger1999DenmarkRegistry based1978-19931,1472015.63Sex, age, period, cancer site
Levi1997SwitzerlandRegistry based (Vaud, Neuchatel)1974-19944,6397294.99Cancer site, age, calendar period
Levi1998SwitzerlandRegistry based (Vaud, Neuchatel)1974-199411,8781,5436.44Cancer site, sex, age, calendar period
Levi2008SwitzerlandRegistry based (Vaud, Neuchatel)1974-200528,0311,517 (prostate, breast, colorectal)Not reportedCancer site, sex, age, calendar period
Lindelof1991SwedenRegistry based (Sweden)1971-19831,9732366.5Sex, cancer site
Maitra2005United KingdomRegistry based (Thames)1961-200025,7313,359Not reportedCancer site, age, sex
Milan2000FinlandRegistry based (Finland)1953-199571,92411,0428.69Cancer site, age, sex, period
Nugent2005ManitobaRegistry based (Manitoba)1956-200036,7895,9359.36Cancer site, age, sex
Soerjomataram2008The NetherlandsRegistry based (Eindhoven)1972-200223,408463 (breast and colorectal)5.65Cancer site, age, sex, stage, duration of follow-up

Abbreviations: BMI, body mass index.