Table 3.

Top five urban spatial clusters with the highest relative risk (RR) of localized-stage prostate cancer and all nonurban clusters with RR >1.0, by percent black population

Percent black population in clusterPopulation densityRRCluster locationNo. tracts in cluster>16.5% adults college degreesMedian household income >$36,500
Less than U.S. (12.3%)Urban8.2West Central FL1NoNo
4.8Central FL2NoNo
3.8Metro Miami FL8YesYes
3.7Southwest FL2NoYes
3.5East Central FL1YesYes
Suburban1.5Northwest GA37YesYes
Greater than U.S. (12.3%)Urban2.3Southeast FL10NoNo
2.1Metro Atlanta GA49YesYes
2.1Southwest AL12NoNo
2.1North Central FL28NoYes
2.0Metro Atlanta GA61YesNo
Suburban5.4North Central FL2NoNo
2.6South Central GA7YesNo
2.3Northeast FL2NoYes
1.9Northern AL27YesYes
1.7Southwest GA54NoNo
1.6Central GA51YesYes
1.5East of Atlanta27YesYes