Table 1.

Invasive cutaneous and extracutaneous melanomas in the Netherlands National Cancer Registry

Anatomic locationMenWomenBoth sexes
Incident cases (n)ESR 1989-2006 (rate*)Incident cases (n)ESR 1989-2006 (rate*)5-y relative survival (%)Median age (y)
Skin17.723121.924.401155.286 (86-87)53 (40-66)
Nonskin, nonmucosal
Central nervous system§60.03870.05251 (32-60)
Ocular§ 37310.673228.1974 (67-81)62 (54-72)
Others§10.0140.0361 (51-74)
Nonskin, mucosal
Ear-nose-throat§1220.8801390.70827 (20-34)71 (60-80)
Genitals§480.3381210.65326 (18-34)72 (58-81)
Vulvan.a.n.a.2141.0640 (31-49)75 (65-83)
Gastrointestinal tract§530.382780.40015 (8-22)72 (59-80)
Lung§60.04510.00966 (59-79)
Urinary tract§10.00760.03171 (67-82)

Abbreviation: n.a., not applicable.

  • *ESR, expressed in 1 per 1.000.000 person-years.

  • Calculated 5-year cumulative overall survival relative to the general Dutch population standardized for age and gender.

  • Median age at diagnosis in years (25-75 percentile).

  • §The extracutaneous localizations were defined as: central nervous system, including brain, benign brain tumors, meninges and other central nervous system; ocular, including melanoma of the eye and its adnexa, such as the eye lids, orbita, choroidia, corpus ciliare and the eye muscles; and others, including adrenal gland, kidney, and soft tissue; and mucosal melanomas, which were subdivided into several categories, such as ear-nose-throat, which includes sinonasal and oropharyngeal mucosal melanomas (larynx, lip, pharynx, oral cavity, nasal cavity, middle ear, and sinuses); genitals, which included, for males, penis and other NOS (not otherwise specified) male genitals, and for women, female genitals including cervix uteri, ovary, vagina and other female genitals, but excluding the vulva; gastrointestinal tract, which included oesophagus and anus/anal canal; and urinary tract, which included urinary bladder and other urinary tract structures.

  • Only data from 2003 until 2006 were included for ocular melanomas since the Dutch Cancer Registry was incomplete for ocular melanomas before 2003.