Table 5.

Comparison of the prevalence of current drinkers consuming over the weekly drinking recommendations, and consuming harmful weekly amounts of alcohol, among survivors and the general population of Britain, overall and for childhood cancer and treatment subgroups, with ORs and 99% CIs from multivariable GEE logistic regression models

Childhood cancer type group and treatment subgroup where relevantNumbers used*Consuming over recommendationsConsuming harmful amounts of alcohol
Percentage*OR (99% CI)Percentage*OR (99% CI)
GHS (referent)10,86825.9%1.006.0%1.00
All survivors7,97223.8%0.65 (0.58-0.73)3.9%0.40 (0.32-0.49)
    Brain irradiated2,149§20.4%0.52 (0.43-0.62)2.6%0.24 (0.16-0.36)
    Brain not irradiated3,734§24.6%0.78 (0.69-0.89)3.8%0.47 (0.36-0.61)
CNS neoplasm1,45719.1%0.50 (0.41-0.62)3.0%0.33 (0.21-0.51)
    Brain irradiated628§15.0%0.38 (0.27-0.53)1.9%0.21 (0.09-0.48)
    Brain not irradiated535§23.9%0.75 (0.56-1.02)3.0%0.37 (0.19-0.74)
Leukemia2,13522.3%0.54 (0.45-0.64)3.5%0.30 (0.21-0.43)
    Brain irradiated1,487§22.9%0.58 (0.48-0.71)2.9%0.26 (0.16-0.41)
    Brain not irradiated136§19.9%0.55 (0.29-1.04)3.7%0.30 (0.06-1.42)
Hodgkin's lymphoma62933.2%1.10 (0.86-1.40)4.3%0.44 (0.25-0.79)
Non–Hodgkin's lymphoma45229.0%0.81 (0.60-1.10)5.5%0.52 (0.28-0.94)
Neuroblastoma31923.5%0.59 (0.40-0.87)3.8%0.38 (0.17-0.86)
Wilms' tumor78427.7%0.83 (0.66-1.05)4.3%0.47 (0.29-0.77)
Bone sarcomas34121.7%0.62 (0.43-0.91)4.7%0.61 (0.30-1.24)
Soft tissue sarcomas59227.7%0.78 (0.60-1.03)6.8%0.74 (0.46-1.19)
Retinoblastoma56421.3%0.64 (0.48-0.86)3.2%0.39 (0.20-0.76)
Other neoplasms69922.2%0.64 (0.49-0.84)3.3%0.36 (0.19-0.66)
  • *The totals and percentages were calculated for survivors aged ≤69 years.

  • From a GEE multivariable logistic regression model controlling for age at questionnaire completion (≤69 years), gender, legal marital status, SEC, educational attainment, and region, and took into account the GHS weighting factor, for the likelihood of consuming over the recommendations for weekly alcohol units or consuming harmful weekly amounts of alcohol.

  • These are the unweighted values from the GHS. Using the GHS weighting factor, the weighted percentage of those consuming over recommended levels and consuming harmful weekly amounts of alcohol from the GHS were 26.6% and 6.3%, respectively.

  • §These do not sum the total number of survivors used because the category brain not irradiated does not include the survivors for whom we have no record of their radiotherapy; this was for all survivors (n = 2,089), for CNS neoplasm survivors (n = 294), and for leukemia survivors (n = 512).