Table 4.

Correlation between urine nicotine metabolites at various times of day and the daily dose of nicotine (n = 36)

Urine analyte8 a.m. to 12 noon12 noon to 4 p.m.4 p.m. to 8 p.m.8 p.m. to 12 midnight12 midnight to 8 a.m.24 h
Cot (pmol/mL)0.760.700.420.560.740.84
Cot (pmol/mg creatinine)0.580.710.680.520.60
Cot-G (pmol/mL)0.670.750.620.530.630.86
Cot-G (pmol/mg creatinine)0.660.620.710.660.74
Cot + Cot-G (pmol/mL)0.810.830.590.600.750.94
Cot + Cot-G (pmol/mg creatinine)0.650.730.740.760.81
3HC (pmol/mL)0.650.540.300.400.420.83
3HC (pmol/mg creatinine)0.770.760.580.680.66
3HC-G (pmol/mL)0.360.480.500.370.430.67
3HC-G (pmol/mg creatinine)0.500.520.710.560.53
Cot + 3HC (pmol/mL)0.740.650.350.460.500.92
Cot + 3HC (pmol/mg creatinine)0.750.810.680.660.73
Cot + Cot-G + 3HC + 3HC-G (pmol/mL)0.700.710.480.480.570.96
Cot +Cot-G + 3HC + 3HC-G (pmol/mg creatinine)0.720.770.770.780.78
Nic (pmol/mL)0.390.110.110.0010.240.39
Nic (pmol/mg creatinine)0.350.320.260.180.28
Nic-G (pmol/mL)0.700.380.390.460.460.71
Nic-G (pmol/mg creatinine)0.570.530.470.660.57
Nic + Nic-G (pmol/mL)0.530.
Nic + Nic-G (pmol/mg creatinine)0.450.480.410.420.43
Nic + Cot +3HC (pmol/mL)0.730.630.360.430.520.94
Nic + Cot +3HC (pmol/mg creatinine)0.750.810.680.650.75
Nic + Nic-G + Cot + Cot-G + 3HC + 3HC-G (pmol/mL)0.710.720.490.480.590.96
Nic + Nic-G + Cot + Cot-G + 3HC + 3HC-G (pmol/mg creatinine)0.740.770.770.780.8

NOTE: Numbers in boldface were not significant, all other correlations were significant at <0.05.