Table 1.

Characteristics of study participants (n = 1,493)

CharacteristicFrequency% or mean (SD)
    40-49 y30320.3
    50-75 y1,19079.7
     Non-Hispanic white1,34289.9
    Grade 12 or less23916.0
    Some college32621.8
    College degree92862.2
Married/living as married1,20180.6
Additional members living in the household:
Perceived financial situation as “enough for special things”92462.3
Self-reported health, “excellent” or “good”1,34290.1
Family history of breast cancer24416.5
Had a usual source of medical care1,44596.8
Doctor recommendation for a mammogram in past year1,16177.9
Perceived satisfaction, “very satisfied” with previous mammography experience1,32688.9
No. of perceived barriers
    No barriers38125.5
    1 barrier37925.4
    2+ barriers73349.1
Self-efficacy, “very confident” in getting a mammogram when due1,38693.0
Attitude toward mammography as measured by decisional balance score8.2 (3.1)
    Comparative perceived risk of getting breast cancer
    Less likely38126.7
    About as likely82657.8
    More likely22215.5
Intentions, “very likely” to get mammogram when due1,37091.8
Mammography maintenance nonadherence80654.0
No. of nonadherent women per interval
    Baseline to 12 mo39226.3
    12-24 mo24316.3
    24-36 mo17111.5