Table 3.

Distribution of pneumonia among individuals with and without history of chronic bronchitis in the EAGLE case-control study and ORs and 95% CIs for the risk of lung cancer among individuals with pneumonia only, chronic bronchitis only, or both pneumonia and chronic bronchitis compared with individuals without chronic bronchitis (referent)

History of pneumonia*History of chronic bronchitis
    n cases1,266289
    n controls1,65987
    OR (95% CI)Referent2.45 (1.85-3.25)
    n cases172119
    n controls25355
    OR (95% CI)0.83 (0.65-1.05)1.63 (1.12-2.36)
  • *Numbers do not sum to total due to subjects missing data on other variables included in the multivariate model.

  • Adjusted for study age, gender, region, pack-years, and smoking intensity (average packs/d).