Table 3.

Binary logistic regression model for minimal alcohol intake (<10 g/mo) in nonobese WHEL women (N = 2,285)

PredictorMinimal alcohol (<10 g/mo) vs. light, moderate/heavy
Odds (95% CI)
Node positive cancer1.19 (0.99-1.43)
Time from diagnosis <2 y1.26 (1.04-1.52)
    African American3.10 (1.78-5.37)
    Asian3.01 (1.89-4.78)
    Hispanic1.26 (0.83-1.91)
College graduate0.67 (0.56-0.82)
Physical activity >540 METs/wk0.79 (0.65-0.96)
Nulliparity0.78 (0.62-0.97)
Ever smoker0.52 (0.43-0.63)

NOTE: Model shows odds of consuming <10 g alcohol/mo, and are controlled for tumor estrogen receptor status and cancer grade. Reference category for ethnicity is non-Hispanic white.

Abbreviation: MET, metabolic equivalent tasks.