Table 2.

Associations between genotypes defined by cancer-related SNPs on 8q24 and bladder cancer risk

Non-Hispanic whiteChineseNon-Hispanic white and Chinese
No. of cases/controls509/602541/5351,050/1,137
rs9642880 (Ta)
  95% CI1.20–1.701.00–1.451.16–1.50
  Pd interaction0.19
rs7008482 (Ga)
  95 CI1.02–1.480.82–1.160.96–1.23
rs7000448 (Ta)
  95% CI0.81–1.150.97–1.390.93–1.20
rs6983561 (Ca)
  95% CI0.75–1.930.81–1.190.85–1.20
rs6983267 (Ga)
  95% CI0.92–1.290.91–1.280.96–1.22
rs13281615 (Ga)
  95% CI0.81–1.150.93–1.310.91–1.17
rs13254738 (Ca)
  95% CI0.89–1.290.84–1.230.91–1.19
rs10090154 (Aa)
  95% CI0.51–1.070.81–1.330.77–1.13
  • aRisk allele.

  • bFrequency among controls of each racial/ethnic group of minor allele among non-Hispanic white controls.

  • cAdjusted for age and gender.

  • d1 − df likelihood ratio test of rs9642880 by race/ethnicity.