Table 1.

ABO blood group subtype alleles (A) and secretor status (B) among pancreatic cancer cases and nested controls in 12 prospective cohort studiesa

n (%)n (%)
No. of participants1,5331,582
A blood group alleles943 (31)847 (27)
  A1 alleles729 (77)611 (72)CCGT
  A2 alleles214 (23)236 (28)CCAT
O blood group allelesb1,773 (58)2,018 (64)
  O01 alleles1,108 (63)1,268 (63)TCGT
  O02 alleles643 (37)733 (37)TCGC
B blood group alleles350 (11)299 (9)CAGT
(B) Cases Controls rs601338
n (%) n (%)
Secretor statusc
  Secretor1,103 (81)1,145 (79)G/G or G/A
  Nonsecretor261 (19)297 (21)A/A
  • aSingle nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data collected in the PanScan genome-wide association study were used to define blood group subtype alleles and secretor phenotype. As shown, the single nucleotide changes at rs505922, rs8176746, rs8176704, rs574347, and rs601338 were used to mark the relevant alleles.

  • bThe number of O01 and O02 alleles do not sum to the number of O alleles, as blood group O subtype could not be accurately imputed for 39 O alleles.

  • cSecretor status is recessive, such that 2 nonsecretor alleles are necessary to manifest the nonsecretor phenotype. Secretor status was successfully imputed for 2,806 of the 2,840 White subjects.