Table 4.

Age-adjusted incidence rates (per 100,000 person-years) of liver cancer among Hispanics in California and Central America, and among Asians in California and Asiaa

Ethnic groupNativity and residenceRateb95% CIRateb95% CI
U.S.-born, living in United States13.7(13.0–14.4)3.6(3.3–4.0)
Foreign-born, living in United States6.6(6.2–7.1)3.2(2.9–3.5)
Living in Central America4.94.9
U.S.-born, living in United States11.6(9.0–14.7)3.9(2.6–5.5)
Foreign-born, living in United States17.7(16.4–19.3)5.0(4.4–5.9)
Living in China37.914.2
U.S.-born, living in United States4.5(3.4–5.9)1.6(1.0–2.4)
Foreign-born, living in United States14.7(11.0–19.3)10.1(8.5–12.4)
Living in Japan23.17.6
Filipinos, Koreans, and Vietnamese
U.S.-born, living in United States9.0(6.1–12.5)3.4(1.9–5.6)
Foreign-born, living in United States20.0(18.6–21.5)5.3(4.8–5.9)
Living in Philippines, Korea, or Vietnam30.911.4
  • aCalifornia rates from 1997–2004; international rates from GLOBOCAN 2002 (38) or GLOBOCAN 2008 for Philippines, Korea, and Vietnam (39).

  • bStandardized to the world population age standard. CI, confidence interval.