Table 1.

Patient characteristics

Study participants (N = 370)
Age at examination, y53.94.2 
BMI, kg/m225.64.8 
Age at menarche, y13.11.5 
Age at menopause, y48.45.5 
Age at first delivery, y25.94.9 
MedianInterquartile range 
Age at examination, y5750–58 
Number of live born children, N21–2 
Proportion N  
Postmenopausal, % (N)50.8188 
Nulliparous, % (N)21.479 
Family history of breast cancer, % (N)16.561 
Ever use of HT, % (N)30.8114 
Ever use of pill, % (N)88.4327 
MedianInterquartile range 
Percent density (threshold method), %15.76.4–30.8 
Dense area, cm225.011.5–41.9 
Nondense area, cm2130.484.5–175.8 
Total breast area, cm2160.0123.8–198.5 
Percent density (volumetric method), %7.05.5–10.0 
Dense volume, cm366.146.0–89.8 
Non dense volume, cm3820.0540.5–1,178.4 
Total breast volume, cm3886.1587.2–1,276.9