Table 3.

Spearman correlation analysis of LC-MS/MS and either ELISA or RIA assays for urinary estrogen and estrogen metabolite measures

Estrogen metabolite measure (pmol; assays compared)Spearman correlation coefficients
Premenopausal luteal phase womenPremenopausal nonluteal phase womenPostmenopausal women
E1 (LC-MS/MS and RIA)0.940.960.79
E2 (LC-MS/MS and RIA)0.910.950.63
E3 (LC-MS/MS and RIA)0.940.940.73
2-OHE1 (LC-MS/MS and ELISA)0.810.890.37
16α-OHE1 (LC-MS/MS and ELISA)0.860.890.62
2-OHE1:16α-OHE1 (LC-MS/MS and ELISA)0.680.600.17
2-OHE1:16α-OHE1 (ELISA) and 2-pathway:16α-pathway* (LC-MS/MS)0.600.550.25
2-OHE1:16α-OHE1 (LC-MS/MS) and 2-pathway:16α-pathway3 (LC-MS/MS)0.780.810.65

NOTE: Early morning, 12-h urines.

  • *2-Pathway is the sum in picomoles of 2-OHE1, 2-hydroxyestradiol, 2-methoxyestrone, 2-methoxyestradiol, and 2-hydroxy 3-methoxyestrone levels. 16-Pathway is the sum in picomoles of 16α-OHE1, E3, 17-epiestriol, 16-epiestriol, and 16-ketoestradiol.