Table 4.

Attributable risk for factors associated with HPV appearance. Study of women aged 45 to 75 years in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Risk factor category% of cases with the risk factor (N = 252)Adjusted ORaAdjusted attributable risks
Recent sexual behaviorb63.91.5 [1.0–2.1]21.3%
Past sexual behaviorc63.91.5 [1.1–2.2]21.3%
Immune responsed31.41.6 [1.1–2.4]11.8%
All 3 risk factors45.4%
  • aAdjusted for age, time in study, recent sexual behavior, past sexual behavior and immune response.

  • bMore than 1 partner within the window and/or the woman reported that the partner in that period of time had other partners or that she did not know.

  • cTwo or more past sexual partners.

  • dLow cell/lymphocyte proliferation in response to HPV-16 VLPs.