Table 2.

Distribution and risk of appearance of an HPV infection associated with sexual behavior factors of partners of women with one partner during the study window. Study of women aged 45 to 75 years in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

ControlsCasesORaPtrendMultivariate ORbPtrend
No. of past sexual partners
   146471.3 [0.80–2.2]1.3 [0.76–2.1]
   2+40482.6 [1.0–2.7]0.051.7 [1.0–2.9]0.04
Age of the partner
   Same age or older than the woman1661411
   Younger than the woman33391.4 [0.84–2.4]
Condom use by partner
   Sometimes43411.0 [0.62–1.7]
   Often/always1770.44 [0.17–1.1]0.21
Other partners of the partner during the relationship with the woman
   Yes98961.6 [1.0–2.6]1.5 [0.92–2.6]
   Don't know44481.7 [0.92–3.0]1.5 [0.84–2.8]
Sex with prostitutes
   Yes45400.89 [0.50–1.6]
   Don't know107880.80 [0.49–1.3]
Duration of relationship
   >1 y2011781
   ≤1 y144.4 [0.49–40.5]
Frequency of sexual intercourse
   0–4 per mo56511
   5–8 per mo87700.88 [0.54–1.5]
   9+ per mo59611.1 [0.66–1.9]0.64
  • aAdjusted for matching variables (age and time in study).

  • bAdjusted for age, time in study, number of past sexual partners, OC use, lymphocyte proliferation in response to HPV-16 VLPs, and other partners of the partner.