Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of cases and controls in the EPIC-Heidelberg nested case-control study (n = 740)

Cases (n = 248)Controls (n = 492)
Age (y)58.1±4.858.1±4.8
BMI (kg/m2)27.3±3.627.3±3.4
Smoking status
Educational attainment
    No/primary school8935.915832.1
    Secondary/technical school8233.115331.1
Positive family history of prostate cancer187.391.8
Participation in PSA screening*5823.48817.9
Vigorous physical activity
    ≤2 h/wk7931.916333.1
    >2 h/wk8132.712826.0
Alcohol intake (g/d)
Serum selenium (μg/L)24486.2±14.249087.7±13.4
Serum SePP (mg/L)2472.88±0.514912.92±0.52
Serum GPX (units/L)248647.6±112.9492656.7±110.2
  • *In the period before the index case was diagnosed with PCa.