Table 5.

ORs of laryngeal cancer and corresponding 95% CIs on quartiles of factor scores from a PCFA

Dietary patternQuartile category, OR (95% CI)Ptrend*
Animal products11.09 (0.72-1.66)1.59 (1.06-2.36)2.34 (1.59-3.45)<0.001
Starch-rich10.93 (0.62-1.39)1.46 (1.00-2.15)1.43 (0.97-2.10)0.021
Vitamins and fiber10.62 (0.44-0.86)0.47 (0.32-0.67)0.35 (0.24-0.52)<0.001
VUFA11.23 (0.85-1.78)1.09 (0.74-1.59)0.83 (0.57-1.22)0.148
AUFA11.44 (0.97-2.14)1.49 (1.00-2.21)2.07 (1.42-3.01)<0.001

NOTE: Estimates from a multiple logistic regression model adjusted for age, sex, study center, education, BMI, occupational physical activity, tobacco smoking, and alcohol drinking. Results refer to the composite model including all the five factors simultaneously.

Abbreviations: VUFA, vegetable unsaturated fatty acids; AUFA, animal unsaturated fatty acids.

  • *P for linear trend.

  • Reference category.