Table 3.

The weak association between the incident detection of HPV16 and host immune status relative to that for other oncogenic HPV types

HPV typesRatio of the HR (95% CI)*
HPV16 (reference)1.00
HPV181.12 (0.37-3.39)
HPV312.02 (0.68-6.03)
HPV335.28 (1.53-18.2)
HPV351.71 (0.43-6.72)
HPV393.65 (0.84-15.9)
HPV452.05 (0.63-6.70)
HPV512.15 (0.72-6.41)
HPV525.54 (1.81-17.0)
HPV560.97 (0.32-2.93)
HPV582.42 (0.82-7.11)
HPV593.69 (1.12-12.1)
HPV666.29 (2.07-19.1)
  • *The ratio of HRs was estimated using a WLW model [model (1.9)] examining the associations of host immune status with the incident detection of HPV by type. The adjustment variables included all those shown in Table 1. For convenience, the table shows only the contrast between HIV-positive women with CD4+ count <200 cells/mm3 and HIV viral load >100,000 copies/mL versus HIV-negative women. Although most of the oncogenic types did not, on an individual basis, have a significantly different HR than that for HPV16, all other oncogenic types when assessed as a group (excluding HPV18 and HPV56) did have a significantly higher HR than HPV16 (P = 0.008). The findings were also significant if we included HPV18 and HPV56 in the analysis.