Table 3.

Knowledge and beliefs about smoking and cancer by smoking status, weighted (numbers shown without weighting)

All (n = 5,000), %Never smokers (n = 2,622), %Former smokers (n = 957), %Current smokers (n = 1,421), %χ2P value
Q1: Would you say light cigarettes are safer to smoke than regular cigarettes?
    Don't know18.624.312.48.7
Q2: What do you think is the most important cause of lung cancer in women?
    Other chemicals or gases8.
    Tobacco smoking62.867.861.949.1
Q3: Would you say the medical evidence that smoking is harmful is exaggerated?
    Totally agree11.<0.0001
    Somewhat agree8.37.28.511.2
    Somewhat disagree9.
    Totally disagree71.573.374.463.0
    (Missing)(n = 185)(n = 111)(n = 25)(n = 49)
Q4: Would you say exposure to secondhand smoke is dangerous to a pregnant woman and her child?
    Totally agree91.092.590.986.6<0.0001
    Somewhat agree7.
    Somewhat disagree1.
    Totally disagree0.
    (Missing)(n = 111)(n = 41)(n = 25)(n = 45)
Q5: Would you say smoking cigarettes has been shown to cause lung cancer in women?
    Totally agree74.774.780.368.3<0.0001
    Somewhat agree20.722.015.323.0
    Somewhat disagree2.
    Totally disagree1.
    (Missing)(n = 260)(n = 135)(n = 47)(n = 78)
Q6: Would you say smoking cigarettes is as addictive as other drugs such as heroin or cocaine?
    Totally agree65.768.267.156.6<0.0001
    Somewhat agree20.620.921.019.4
    Somewhat disagree6.
    Totally disagree7.
    (Missing)(n = 383)(n = 193)(n = 78)(n = 112)
Q7: Would you say quitting smoking decreases the risk of getting lung cancer?
    Totally agree64.965.768.658.7<0.0001
    Somewhat agree26.027.423.823.8
    Somewhat disagree3.
    Totally disagree5.23.74.510.5
    (Missing)(n = 255)(n = 135)(n = 43)(n = 77)