Table 4.

CTSB expression in colon cancer and overall mortality

CTSB expressionTotalColon cancer–specific mortalityOverall mortality
Deaths/person-yearsUnivariate HR (95% CI)Stage-matched HR (95% CI)Multivariate HR (95% CI)Deaths/person-yearsUnivariate HR (95% CI)Stage-matched HR (95% CI)Multivariate HR (95% CI)
CTSB (−)101 (18%)18/9361 (referent)1 (referent)1 (referent)32/9361 (referent)1 (referent)1 (referent)
CTSB (+)457 (82%)137/37871.82 (1.11-2.97)1.69 (1.03-2.79)1.99 (1.19-3.34)222/37871.69 (1.17-2.45)1.56 (1.07-2.27)1.71 (1.16-2.50)

NOTE: The multivariate, stage-matched conditional Cox regression model initially included age, year of diagnosis, sex, family history of colorectal cancer, body mass index, tumor location, grade, mucinous component, and signet ring cell. Backward stepwise elimination with threshold of P = 0.20 was used to select variables in the final model.