Table 3.

Multivariate analysis of the relationship of other molecular features with CTSB expression in colon cancer

Variables in the final model for CTSBMultivariate OR (95% CI)P
KRAS mutation2.47 (1.25-4.88)0.009
BRAF mutation2.47 (1.00-5.92)0.049
Male gender1.85 (0.96-3.56)0.065
LINE-1 hypomethylation (for a 30% decrease)2.35 (0.85-6.49)0.098

NOTE: Multivariate logistic regression analysis initially included age, sex, body mass index, tumor location, stage, tumor grade, mucinous component, signet ring cell component, MSI, CIMP, PTGS2, TP53, LINE-1 methylation, KRAS, PIK3CA, and BRAF. Backward stepwise elimination with threshold of P = 0.20 was used to select variables in the final model.

Abbreviation: OR, odds ratio.