Table 4.

Association between baseline plasma tHcy and adenoma recurrence risk by folate treatment group and adenoma type

Plasma tHcy μmol/LPlacebo groupPtrendFolate groupPtrend
All adenomas
    Adjusted RR     (95% CI)*1.01.15 (0.84-1.58)0.84 (0.60-1.19)0.98 (0.70-1.38) (0.76-1.44)0.95 (0.69-1.32)0.81 (0.58-1.12)0.17
    P heterogeneity0.53
Advanced adenomas
    Adjusted RR (95% CI)*1.01.39 (0.56-3.42)1.20 (0.46-3.13)1.00 (0.36-2.75)0.831.00.86 (0.40-1.86)0.41 (0.17-1.03)0.98 (0.47-2.07)0.21
    P heterogeneity0.30
  • *Adjusted for age, sex, study center, alcohol (continuous), BMI (continuous), smoking status (never, former, current), plasma B2, plasma B6, plasma B12, plasma folate, and aspirin treatment assignment.

  • Advanced adenoma was defined as ≥25% villous adenoma, large adenoma (≥1 cm), advanced dysplasia, carcinoma in situ, or invasive cancer.