Table 1.

Age standardized characteristics of the study population in 1990

Quintile of calorie-adjusted acrylamide intake
Q1 (low)Q2Q3Q4Q5 (high)
Age in 19905858575655
Acrylamide intake (μg/d)913161926
Acrylamide by body weight (μg/kg/d)
Height (in)6465656564
Current smokers (%)13%13%15%19%26%
Physical activity (met-h/wk)1716161513
Diabetes (%)3.6%3.0%2.8%2.8%2.4%
Hypertension (%)19%19%18%16%16%
Age at menarche < 13 (%)50%48%50%49%48%
Nulliparous (%)7%7%6%6%6%
Ever lactated (%)55%58%58%56%51%
Premenopausal (%)21%23%23%23%23%
Age at menopause (among postmenopausal)4747474747
Current PMH use (% among postmenopausal)32%34%35%34%30%
Tubal ligation (%)16%17%17%18%18%
Hysterectomy (simple) (%)31%31%31%31%32%
Double oophorectomy (%)16%16%15%16%16%
Family history of breast cancer (%)9%10%10%11%10%
Family history ovarian cancer (%, 1992)2.3%2.8%2.5%2.7%2.6%
History of benign breast disease (%)39%41%41%41%39%
Nutrient Intakes (per day)*
    Energy intake (kcal)1,7111,7761,7771,7531,674
    Alcohol (g)
    Total fat (g)5656575860
    Animal fat (g)3432323233
    Trans fat (g)
    Carbohydrates (g)195197197196192
    Glycemic index5252535353
    Folate (μg)447431422410389
    Caffeine (mg)155214261321421
Intakes of high acrylamide foods (servings per day)
    Breakfast cereal0.
    French fries0.
    Potato chips0.
    Potatoes (baked, roasted, mashed)
    Baked goods0.

NOTE: Data (except for age) were directly standardized to the age distribution of the entire cohort. Means or percentages are shown as indicated. Characteristics of the population for breast cancer analysis is shown. Women were censored at the time of double oophorectomy for the ovarian cancer analysis, and women were censored at the time of hysterectomy for the endometrial cancer analysis.

  • *All nutrients except alcohol are adjusted for total energy intake using the residual method.

  • Cookies, brownies, donuts, cake, sweet rolls, pie.