Table 4.

Association between UV-weighted hours of sun exposure and proximal colon cancer risk stratified by CYP27B1 genotype

Position/GenotypeUV-weighted sun exposure*
Δ 75 UV index-h/wk
Cases/ControlsOR (95% CI)
IVS6-29T > C (rs4646536)
TT342/8971.02 (0.89-1.18)
CT325/7830.84 (0.70-1.00)
CC80/1980.94 (0.69-1.28)
CC + CT0.86 (0.74-1.00)
  • *UV-weighted sun exposure based on the average hours per week of daylight reported, weighted by the UV index for each season in the geographic area of the study center.

  • Adjusted for age, race, sex, and study center.