Table 3.

Published reports on outcomes of the relationship between GSTP1-1 levels and response to chemotherapy and survival including the methods used for tissue analysis of GSTP1-1

ReferencenMethod used for analysis of GSTP1-1Correlation between GSTP1-1 and response to chemotherapyCorrelation between GSTP1-1 and survival
Van der Zee et al.17High performance liquid chromatographyNo
Green et al.78ImmunohistochemistryYesYes
Hamada et al.61ImmunohistochemistryYesYes
Van der Zee et al.89ImmunohistochemistryNoNo
Hirazono et al.36ImmunohistochemistryYes
Wrigley et al.66ImmunohistochemistryNoNo
Western blottingNoNo
Ghazal-Aswad et al.39ImmunohistochemistryNo
Cheng et al.20ImmunohistochemistryYes
Western blottingNo
Kase et al.87ImmunohistochemistryYes
Satoh et al.67ImmunohistochemistryYes
Ikeda et al.93ImmunohistochemistryNo
Howells et al.77ImmunohistochemistryNoNo
Saip et al.55ImmunohistochemistryNoNo