Table 2.

HR with 95% CI of DFS and of OS by clinicopathologic parameters of patients with EOC who received six courses of adjuvant platinum-based chemotherapy (n = 30), using univariate Cox Regression

nDFS(95% CI)POS(95% CI)P
    Low (≤160 ng/mL)121.00(Reference)1.00(Reference)
    High (>160 ng/mL)182.79(0.97-8.04)0.058*4.50(0.97-20.92)0.055*
FIGO stage
    I + II111.00(Reference)1.00(Reference)
    III + IV1910.17(2.25-45.99)0.003*3.12(0.84-11.59)0.089*
Residual disease
    <1 cm181.00(Reference)1.00(Reference)
    ≥1 cm121.56(0.52-4.67)0.4241.06(0.28-4.03)0.935
Malignant cells in ascites
Preoperative CA 125
    ≤126 U/mL111.00(Reference)1.00(Reference)
    >126 U/mL182.65(0.82-8.60)0.1044.97(1.06-23.20)0.041*
  • *Parameters with a P value of ≤0.10 were selected for multivariate analysis.