Table 2.

Comprehension and information processing of GSTM1 genetic test results delivered online among smokers related to patients with lung cancer

OutcomesTest result
GSTM1-present (lower risk)GSTM1-missing (higher risk)Difference
Immediately after receiving genetic test results (online Session 2)
Accurate comprehension, n (%)
    Accurate recall of test result22 (100)22 (100)NS
    Accurate interpretation of test result12 (55)22 (100)χ2 = 12.94; df = 1; P < 0.001
Acceptability of test information*
    Believable1.23 (0.52)1.55 (0.60)NS
    Trustworthy1.27 (0.55)1.50 (0.60)NS
    Easy to understand1.32 (0.65)1.45 (0.60)NS
    Relevant1.32 (0.65)1.45 (0.60)NS
    Important1.23 (0.53)1.41 (0.59)NS
Processing of genetic test–related information
    Viewed strengths information page, n (%)11 (50)7 (32)NS
    Viewed weaknesses information page, n (%)10 (45)8 (37)NS
    Total no. of information pages viewed3.1 (2.6)2.6 (2.7)NS
6-mo Follow-up
Accurate comprehension, n (%)
    Accurate recall of test result18 (100)16 (100)NS
    Accurate interpretation of test result10 (56)15 (94)χ2 = 6.35; df = 1; P = 0.011
Decisional outcomes
    Regret decision to take genetic test0 (0%)0 (0%)NS
    Satisfied with decision to take genetic test17 (100%)16 (94%)NS
  • NOTE: Values represent means (SDs) unless otherwise indicated.

    Abbreviation: NS, not significant.

  • * Possible scores range from 1 to 7; lower scores indicate more positive and higher acceptability responses (e.g., 1 = believable), and higher scores indicate more negative responses or lower acceptability (e.g., 7 = unbelievable).

  • Measured using a seven-point scale (1 = strongly disagree, 7 = strongly agree); values shown are proportions who gave responses of 4 to 7, that is, who somewhat to strongly agreed with statement.