Table 3.

Baseline diet of premenarchal girls and PHV

PHV difference (in. over 1 y)
Model 1Model 2Model 3Model 4Model 5Model 6
MilkMilkMilkMilkPer 10 g:Per 10 g:
>3 vs <1>3 vs <1>3 vs <1(white + chocolate)Dairy fatDairy protein
2-3 vs <1CheeseCheeseCheeseAnimal* fatAnimal* protein
1 vs <1YogurtYogurtYogurtVegetable fatVegetable protein
Calories/100 kcalCalories/100 kcal
  • NOTE: All models are adjusted for race, age, age2, age3, Tanner stage, height, and relative BMI, all at baseline. Estimated β values are per daily serving or other shown daily quantity. Models 1 to 3 compare servings per day of milk to lowest intake (<1 serving per day) group. Sample sizes range from 5,022 girls (model 1) to 4,975 girls (model 4). Models 1 to 3 include categorical white milk (results shown for >3 versus <1 glasses per day) and categorical chocolate milk (not shown). Model 4 shows results for white + chocolate milk (glasses per day, continuous). Cheese serving is 1 slice per day; yogurt serving is 1 cup per day.

  • * Dairy intakes are excluded from animal fat and animal protein grams.