Table 4.

CYP19 coding region TGTG haplotype and breast cancer risk in BRCA1 carriers before and after age 50 y and BRCA2 carriers

OR (95% CI)PPtrend
Case (%)Control (%)
BRCA1 <50 y
    TGTG/other50.850.71.63 (0.72-3.66)0.241
    TGTG/TGTG27.718.52.42 (0.95-6.16)0.063
BRCA1 >50 y
    TGTG/other53.750.60.94 (0.38-2.30)0.887
    TGTG/TGTG17.724.00.65 (0.22-1.93)0.440
BRCA2 <50 y
    TGTG/other48.350.60.99 (0.36-2.75)0.983
    TGTG/TGTG19.424.50.85 (0.25-2.93)0.793
BRCA2 >50 y
    TGTG/other60.861.40.98 (0.34-2.83)0.973
    TGTG/TGTG13.513.11.03 (0.23-4.58)0.965
  • NOTE: Adjusted for age.

    The haplotypes consist of haplotype-tagging SNPs tagging haplotype block 4 of CYP19 gene that cover the entire coding region of the gene: rs727479, rs700518 (Val80), rs10046, and rs4646. Note that Val80 (rs700518) was not included by Haiman et al. (44) to haplotype-tagging SNPs.