Table 1.

Summary of individual studies in INHANCE pooled data version 1.1

Study locationRecruitment periodCases
SourceParticipation rateAge eligibilitySourceParticipation rate
Seattle, WA1985-1995Cancer registry54%, 63%18-65Random digit dialing63%, 61%
Tampa, FL1999-2003Hospital98%≥18Cancer screening clinic—healthy90%
Los Angeles, CA1999-2004Cancer registry49%18-65Neighborhood68%
Houston, TX2001-2006Hospital95%>18Hospital visitors80%
Havana, Buenos Aires, Brazil2000-2003Hospital95%15-79Hospital—patients86%
  • * All studies frequency matched controls to cases, minimally on age and sex. Additional frequency matching factors included center (Latin America), ethnicity, and neighborhood (Los Angeles study).

  • Two response rates are reported because data were collected in two population-based case-control studies: the first from 1985 to 1989 among men and the second from 1990 to 1995 among men and women.