Table 3.

Intention to have gastric cancer screening within the next 2 y and preferred method

CharacteristicsHaving screening intention (n = 1,625)
Preference for future screening method (n = 1,625)
%PUGI (%)Endoscopy (%)P
Age (y)
Education (y)
    Did not complete high school45.4<0.00134.665.40.222
    High school graduate or more57.431.768.3
Monthly household income (US$)
Previous health checkup
    Missing (don't know)42.736.064.0
Family history for gastric cancer
Smoking status
    Current smoker46.80.03632.767.30.972
Alcohol consumption
    None in the past 30 d51.40.52034.565.50.462
    Once a week or less55.530.169.9
    Two or 3 d per week53.233.067.0
    Four or more days per week48.930.969.1
Previous screening history
    No screening30.5<0.00137.362.70.001
    Prior screening53.935.364.7
    Up-to-date screening75.227.872.2
Previous screening methods
    No up-to-date screening*34.7<0.00136.963.1<0.001
    UGI (≤2 y)81.452.247.8
    Endoscopy (≤2 y)71.118.681.4
    Both (≤2 y)
  • * Includes no screening and prior screening but not up-to-date screening.