Table 1.

Characteristics of invasive breast cancers, Shanghai Breast Cancer Study, 1996-1998

Histologic typen (%)Histologic grade
Median age (y)
3-5 (low)6-7 (interm)8-9 (high)
All ductal669* (79.5%)7323335447
NST with lobular features8315442446
NST with tubular features550050
NST with mucinous features1246243
NST with medullary features12011146
NST with micropapillary features2249947
NST with cribriform features826042
All lobular and tubular97* (11.5%)6330346
Pure lobular22220046
Lobular variant32*226349
Pure tubular550048
Tubular variant220049
Tubular-lobular or tubular-cribriform-lobular variant36324043.5
All other special types76 (9.0%)47121746
Pure mucinous25232045
Pure medullary13001350.5
Medullary variant503253
Invasive micropapillary926139
Metaplastic carcinoma201148.5
Invasive cribriform17170045
Mixed tubular-cribriform550047
  • Abbreviation: NST, no special type.

  • * Missing grading data due to poor histology.