Table 4.

Characteristics of breast cancers detected by baseline screening exam

CaseAge at diagnosisMorphologyGradePalpable massPrognostic markersDetection methodDuctal lavage cell countVital status
151Infiltrating ductal and lobular carcinomaGrade III, poorly differentiatedNoER+ PR+ HER+3, FISH 8.8Mammography, MRI0Alive
229Infiltrating ductal carcinomaGrade or cell type not determined, not stated, or N/ANoER+ PR+Mammography0Alive
337Lobular neoplasiaN/ANoN/AMRI0Alive
448Lobular carcinomaGrade or cell type not determinedNoER+ PR- HER-2 IHC+2Mammography6,039Alive
551Intraductal carcinoma, noninfiltratingGrade IV, undifferentiated, anaplasticNoER+ PR+ HER+3, FISH 8.8MRI0Alive
637Infiltrating ductal carcinomaGrade IV, undifferentiated, anaplasticYesUnavailableMammography, MRI0Alive
741Infiltrating ductal carcinomaGrade III, poorly differentiatedNoER- PR- HER-2 IHC+2Mammography, MRI0Alive