Table 2.

Adjusted ORs for colon cancer (NCCCS I) and rectal cancer (NCCCS II) by presence of diabetes and race

NCCCS I (n = 1,577)
NCCCS II (n = 1,765)
n casesn controlsOR (95% CI)n casesn controlsOR (95% CI)
White, no diabetes2765051.005556531.00
African American, no diabetes2042971.11 (0.86-1.43)1621001.27 (0.94-1.71)
White, diabetes54691.40 (0.93-2.12)1111001.38 (1.00-1.90)
African American, diabetes721001.17 (0.81-1.70)42420.75 (0.44-1.28)
  • NOTE: ORs were adjusted for age (5-y age groups), sex (male, female), colorectal cancer screening (yes, no), energy intake (quartiles), calcium intake (quartiles), BMI (normal, overweight, obese), family history of colorectal cancer (yes, no), and offset.