Table 3.

Prevalence of atopic conditions in previously published studies of brain tumors and two U.S. cross-sectional studies

StudyPopulation (country)Prevalence
AllergyAsthmaEczemaAny of the three conditions
Brenner et al. (4)Hospital-based controls (United States)38-41%
Cicuttini et al. (5)Population-based controls (Australia)11%8%
Hochberg et al. (6)Friend controls34%
Schlehofer et al., 1999 (8)Population-based controls (International: 6 countries)*31%7%9%
Schlehofer et al., 1992 (9)Population-based controls (Germany)38%
Schoemaker et al. (10)Population-based controls (United Kingdom)23%13%13%62%
Schwartzbaum et al. (11)Twin's cohorts (Sweden)17-31%3%
Wiemels et al. (12)Population-based controls (USA)85%
Wigertz et al. (13)Population-based controls (International: 5 countries)46%10%18%
Arbes et al. (15)NHANES III (United States)54%
Kilmer et al. (16)BRFSS§ (United States)4.5%
  • * Countries included are Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, and USA.

  • Countries included are Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

  • Population-based cross-sectional study.

  • § Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System—population-based cross-sectional study.