Table 1.

Age-standardized characteristics of the Swedish Mammography Cohort (n = 61,057) by quartiles of energy-adjusted acrylamide intake in 1987-1990

CharacteristicsQuartile of acrylamide intake, μg/d
<19.9 (16.9)*19.9-24.2 (22.3)24.3-28.8 (26.4)≥28.9 (32.5)
Age (y)56.454.552.950.9
Postsecondary education (%)11.913.012.913.2
Nulliparous (%)11.910.610.210.7
Number of children2.
Age at first birth (y)23.924.124.224.2
Age at menarche (y)13.313.213.213.2
Age at menopause (y)50.650.750.750.7
Oral contraceptive use (%)
Postmenopausal hormone use (%)41.944.444.646.8
Body mass index (kg/m2)24.924.824.624.6
Total energy (kcal/d)1616160915821535
Total fat (g/d)55.354.654.353.7
Saturated fat (g/d)24.724.223.923.4
Carbohydrate (g/d)227228229231
Fiber (g/d)
  • NOTE: All values are means if not otherwise indicated.

  • * Median values in parenthesis.

  • Parous women only.